The Working Mum Guilt

“Mummy, I want you to stay with me today. Please Mummy, don’t go. I love you.” Insert crying here. That’s me crying, not my three-year old. Just joking, sort of. The crying stops and she looks at me coyly and says, “What are you going to bring me home today?”. How can such a tiny human know how to manipulate us to feel so guilty!

I’m lucky in the sense that I have my own business and don’t work full time in a traditional sense. One day a week we have a nanny that comes to the house to look after her from 9am-4pm and then two days a week she goes to her Nonna’s, my MIL. I never feel any guilt about when she is with her Nonna, some days my daughter wakes up at 7am and her first words are, can I go to Nonna’s now. But recently when the nanny arrives, she becomes super clingy and my guilt starts welling up inside. Literally five minutes after I’m out the door I get a Snapchat or video of a very happy three-year old playing.

No matter how many people say you’re the only one that can stop yourself feeling guilty, it totally doesn’t work. How can I not feel guilty when those gorgeous baby blues are looking up at me? I cherish my days I spend with my daughter, we have our own little routine with breakfast at a café, a dog walk, part time etc and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. On the flip side I also really do enjoy my days away from her so I can regroup my sanity.

Ok so there are a tonne of blogs and articles out there about working mum guilt, so I thought I’d share with you those times I definitely did not have it.

When Peppa Pigs First Movie Experience Came Out

I think I’ve pretty much seen all of the episodes, at least they are only 5 or so minutes long. So, when the movie came out, it was an hour long and perfect for a child’s first movie experience. Ugh did I say it was an hour long? I suggested to my husband it would be a great activity he did with our daughter, when I happened to have to go to Bunbury for work. Guilt – 0.

When we got to stay at a hotel for 2 nights

My three-year old was super excited when we stayed at a hotel where we were holding a breakfast event. (Learning curve, do not hold a breakfast event if you have young kids. What were we thinking?) Her and my husband “helped” us set up, she danced and sang on the stage, discovered complimentary chocolates in our room and spent a morning with her Dad whilst our event was on. She still talks about her stay and she didn’t even register that for part of it I was working.

When I drop her off at her Nonnas

Her and her Nonna have a little game they play whenever I drop her off. My daughter rings the doorbell a gazillion times and her Nonna yells out “who is it?”. My daughter then squeals with delight and hugs me so tight. Once we’re in the door she quite often says to me, “you can go now Mum”. It always makes me smile.

When she is super cranky

This only relates to the days she spends with her Nonna. I’d be lying if I didn’t think “thank goodness I can drop her off” when she is cranky. When she is cranky and we have the day together I’m like OMG, when is it bedtime?

Working Mum guilt is real and everyone experiences it from time to time. I love both my jobs, the one where I’m a Mum and the one where I’m a business owner. And the second allows me to spend quite a lot of time with my daughter, which I am so grateful for.

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